Tunisia: Ancient Roman Ruins & Beautiful Mediterranean Beaches

Tunisia sits snugly between Algeria and Libya in North Africa, it’s easily described as a “diamond in the rough” destination and is well worth considering on your next backpacking trip whether you’re in the deep end of Spain or Italy or traversing through Africa itself.

Tunisia’s capital is aptly named Tunis, and plays host to numerous marvels from the Roman relics held in the Bardo Museum to the colourful markets of Medina.

Bardo Museum in Tunis

bardo museum mosaic
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This extensive museum is a treasure trove of Roman artefacts, specifically colourful mosaics. Winning Trip Advisor’s “Traveller’s Choice” for 2014, this is a must-do for those visiting Tunisia. A true testament to the stunning artistry of the ancient Tunis craftsmen and the influence the Roman Empire had upon the country itself.


medina tunis
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The Medina of Tunis is the “old quarter” of the city. It’s where the markets are and where you’ll find those lovely souvenirs for friends and family back home. From beautiful leather works and other traditional items – be warned though, you’ll need to bargain hard for a reasonable price. Aim for 50% – 75% of the initial asking price, but remember to always be friendly!

Amongst the colourful Medina you’ll also find a glorious jumble of Ottoman-era mansions and ancient mosques.

Other Things To Do In Tunisia

Those looking for beaches head to Hammamet, look out for the beautiful stretch of beach outside the International Cultural Centre. Those who want a more wild and less tamed beachscape, head out past Yasmine where the boundless stretches will help ignite that sense of adventure.

hammamet beach
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Those seeking the remnants of the Roman ruins must head to the city of Carthage, where a number of great museums will keep you occupied, not to mention the Roman Amphitheatre of Carthage (once one of the largest in all of the Roman Empire, almost as good as the Coliseum but without the crowds!).

roman amphitheatre carthage
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Trips can also be made out to the scorching Sahara (the oasis town of Tozeur is an eight hour train ride away), and you can tour the endless sands via 4×4 or camel – even camping the night and taking in the stars and the sunrise across the sands.

sahara tunisia
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Tunisia is a tolerant and optimistic country that looks forward to the future, whilst harbouring a tumultuous recent history I think this little country sandwiched in the North of Africa is one to look out for as it becomes a more popular destination in the years to come. So beat the crowds now and book those flights to Tunisia from Thomas Cook Airlines.

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  1. Ganesh says:

    Tunisia is place that i really loved it north africa one the best place in Mediterranean Sea range.especially museum and camel ride at desert night stay with stars i really enjoy with my kids they can enjoy it really… don’t miss it guys…

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