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Remember That Everyone You Meet Is A Potential Friend (Cue The Cheese)

Hang on, let me roll out the big wheel of cheese I’ve got in the cupboard of my little Dutch apartment because I know the heading is Cheesius Maximus, but it’s staying! Recently Trudy and I had quite a negative experience in a cafe here in Rotterdam, but it really made me think: ‘What if?’ We were having a coffee near central station at Lebkov (it’s the best coffee we’ve found in...

What is Travel: My Thoughts On Why People Travel, Why I Travel And Why Travel Is An Onion

For some people, travel can be a weekend away to a new and exciting place. Yet for others, travel is purely visiting a country that is not your own. Claims abound that ‘backpacking’ is where the real travelling is to be done, whilst others are happy in the notion of a guided hotel tour or a 7 day trip on a cruise ship. Many a grizzled veteran traveller will tout the potential clash of cultural experiences to be...

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