Travel Video of the Week #004 – Kayak Has Close Encounter With Blue Whale

Imagine kayaking or swimming along, and then having a Blue Whale go past you on his merry way – and happening to have a helmet camera at the same time!

That’s what happened to this guy, and it’s an incredible video.

The sheer size of Blue Whales is phenomenal, in fact it’s the largest known mammal to have ever existed – it’s bigger then any of the dinosaurs were. Sizing in at about 30 meters (98 foot) and weighing about 180 tonnes – these guys are massive.

You hear about how big they are in school, but the size of them didn’t really hit me personally until I saw a life size model of one in the Natural History Museum in London.

Anyway, check out this guy on his sea kayak and his close encounter with the big blue.

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