Travel Video of the Week #006 – Ice Skating In Amsterdam With A Steady Cam

It’s certainly getting warmer here in The Netherlands (well if you consider 8 degrees to be warm), so the ice skating is unfortunately over.

Trudy and I had are own fun in the snow and ice here in Rotterdam, but this video shows all the ice shenanigans to be had in Amsterdam when the canals freeze up. It was shot with a steady cam (not by us, although I wish I had the skills to shoot something like this!) and even has an uplifting song to go with it!

In case you missed the video embedded in the Feyenoord FC Football post, check it out. It was a fun one to make and the atmosphere in the stadium was awesome.

Until next weeks video!

3 Responses to “Travel Video of the Week #006 – Ice Skating In Amsterdam With A Steady Cam”

  1. Dani says:

    That looks like so much fun! I love that everyone is out on the frozen canal chatting, eating, and having fun! 😀

    • Tom says:

      Thanks for your comment Dani 🙂 Ice Skating is a big affair here in The Netherlands, so when (if) the ice freezes over enough for skating (it doesn’t happen every year), then they all head out to skate under the sun. Entrepreneurial caravans with hot food and drinks sprout up and you’ll often see speakers setup with traditional Dutch music blaring across the ice 😀

  2. Sure are a lot of activities happening on those canals. And hot food, too, to warm up. I see the beginning of some speed skating athletes in all that play and fun. I love skating outside, though I very rarely get to, so I’d love to join the fun someday.

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