Short Story: It Was A Shirt To Remember

So I was in the city of Cologne, in Germany on one of my recent backpacking adventures with my girlfriend Trudy. We were in a hostel called ‘Black Sheep Hostel’ (which surprisingly had a lack of black sheep – remember it was in Germany not New Zealand).

We met a load of fantastic people in that hostel, and after seeing the sights that day, shall we say that partying did ensue.

There were many drinks, and cheese was stolen.

“Who has taken a bite of my cheese” I yell, pulling my cheese from the fridge and panicking at the mousey hole jutting from its yellow depths (they had even unwrapped it to slice off a piece – outrageous!)

There were innocent looks all around the hostel. It was clear the perpetrator was elsewhere (likely running off into the Cologne night glorifying in his thievery).

“It’s amazing our cheese was so good that someone had to take a bite sized chunk out of it” I exclaimed loudly, “Why, this cheese must be HOLEY CHEESE!”

Everyone agreed that this was holey cheese.

Look, it's Holey Cheese!

Since we were now blessed with holey cheese, everyone relaxed and the night continued merrily.

I have some fond memories of that night, and it was one of the better low-fi hostel parties I’ve had the pleasure of attending.

Some drunken German guy even climbed the fire escape ladder from the street and joined the party. He had no idea that it was a hostel, he just thought it was some awesome house party and wanted in.

Another guy in the hostel kept getting peer pressured to keep staying up with us.

“I’m going to miss my train in the morning, guys! I have to get to bed”

He didn’t get to bed, and he did miss his train. Sorry!

Hang on, wasn’t this story about a shirt?

Right, so during our stay in the hostel, we met this guy called Chris (please note that’s his real name, I haven’t changed it at all to protect his identity.

He was wearing a shirt plastered with ‘LANSER’ and an eagle.

Bruno, a young German who was also staying at the hostel says, “Do you know what that shirt is?”

Chris responds, “Not really, I just brought it in Prague – it was only a couple of Euros!”

“Why, what does it mean?” we all ask Bruno.

“Well…” says Bruno, “Lanser is one of the most hated Nazi bands in Germany”

“………” says Chris, “I had no idea! That explains all of the looks I’ve been getting!”

By this point we are all starting to laugh uproariously; poor Chris had been walking around a German city all day with a pro Nazi band t-shirt receiving incredibly dirty looks from all the local Germans.

What a wildly unfortunate politically incorrect blunder.

Remember kids; don’t buy shirts in the Czech Republic with slogans in other languages – especially if they only cost a couple of Euros!

It was indeed, a shirt to remember.

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  1. Louise says:

    Hahaha…lucky I’m too old to buy t-shirts anyway…good story.

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