Farewell Rotterdam, (Hi Iceland) & Hello New York

Rotterdam was our home for over a year.

We made some fantastic friends (you know who you are) and did some wonderful trips around The Netherlands and Europe, much of which has been recorded and documented in this blog.

In a way, I wanted to stay there. I still have more of Europe to explore (can you ever be done?).

Our one year stay in Rotterdam was everything we wanted it to be. Part of the trip was touching base with our roots and so many of the traditions from our childhood (we both have Dutch heritage). We got to know my family here better, we got to know a bit of the language (emphasis on a bit), we made amazing friends that I know we’ll still be in touch with for years to come.

I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for all who came to our farewell party and made it the awesome party that it was.

So I may have had a few drinks and yes, that is my Zoolander face, but the shirt I’m wearing was a farewell present and may well be the greatest shirt I have ever received! It’s orange, and handcrafted with in-jokes and memories and is something I can always look at and then smile about our time in Holland. Thanks guys!

We were sad to leave, but nothing lasts forever. I’m not worried though, Europe will still be there when I come back!

I have a couple of Rotterdam regrets:

  • We never made it to the Rotterdam zoo to see the infamous Bokito.
  • I didn’t get a 1920’s Boardwalk Empire “Jimmy” style haircut.

As we hit the ice age-esque island of Iceland for our quick stop-over a wonderful feeling hit me. I was gazing out the window, the barren yet beautiful landscape of Iceland before me, and I peeked down through the puffs of white at the snow covered mountains. The sun was setting, pink kissing the wing of the plane and the band of the horizon, a fat river winding away below us. I see tiny, remote houses perched upon the terraformed land. Sigur Rós plays a relaxing melody through my headphones as we skim across the clouds. It was perfect, and it made me realise how awesome travel is. Any temptation I did have to keep living in Rotterdam washed away (and there was some). This is what we’re made for.

I may only be stopping over in Iceland, but by golly I’ll sure be back. Iceland is COOL (no pun intended). Just from the air, I’m itching to explore the place. It will happen, and when it does I’ll link to this post.

Our passports now have what must be the luckiest stamp in the world, it reads 12.12.12 – Keflavikureflugvollur. Here we go New York.

I’m finishing this post from our bedroom here in New York. We’re staying in East Village on Manhattan Island and have a wonderful space just for us (more on that later). Come on NYC, time to see what all the fuss is about 🙂

4 Responses to “Farewell Rotterdam, (Hi Iceland) & Hello New York”

  1. Kevin says:

    Great blog man! Really like what you write!
    And remember:


    Have a great time in the big apple!!


  2. Louise says:

    It all sounds so exciting and IT IS!! Have fun on this next adventure…we saw the tree in Rockefeller Centre this morning and said you guys will probably be going there!! woo hoo..xoxo

  3. Stephen S. says:

    Look like you had a great party Tom. I agree, no matter how many times I go to Europe it only seems like my list of things to do gets bigger! The shirt is awesome mate!

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