Watching The New York Knicks @ Madison Square Garden (from the Nosebleed section)

A while ago in The Netherlands we booked our tickets to go see the New York Knicks vs Cleveland Cavaliers whilst we were travelling New York. I was pretty excited, as I’ve always wanted to watch an NBA game live!

Finally, the day arrived and we trundled ourselves off to Madison Square Garden, home of the New York Knicks.

We entered the stadium with relative ease, nice organising NY! Our seats were located right up the back, definitely in the “nosebleed” section, although the great thing about Madison Square Garden is you can still see the court really well from anywhere in the stadium. The seats are extremely elevated and rise sharply, in that way it reminds me of “De Kuip” in Holland.

At any rate, I thought our view as alright so I grabbed Trudy and I a beer and we settled down to watch, as Trudy described, sport on acid. Don’t believe me? Check this out…

The game got off to a cracking start, and was evenly matched throughout. Unfortunately the Knicks were missing Carmelo Anthony, their number one scorer as he was off injured which evened the playing field quite a bit for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

We didn’t have our DSLR camera there so the shots are not the the best but they’re good enough to give you a taste of some basketball action!

A foul free pointer!

Arms and legs be flailing here.

I can flyyyyyy.

Boom! Rejection…

Ahhh, I’m so tall I can’t get myself off the ground. Oh, thanks man.

Epic alley oop backwards slam dunk from Tyson Chandler.

Launch for the 3 pointer, ka-ching.

I think I could just reach out and drop this in the basket if I wanted too.

It was a great match and the final score with only 10.1 seconds to go was:

The Knicks managed to take the game even though The Cavs had a free throw right before the buzzer to make it a draw. You should have heard the distracting noise from the crowd as The Cavs player went to take the shot. The pressure must have been immense. And then he missed, and the crowd went wild. New York Knicks win!

New York Knicks: 103
Cleveland Caveliers: 102

Close one! We were stoked to be in Madison Square Garden to watch the Knicks win at home!

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