Snow Storms in Canada & A Very Merry Christmas To You!

It’s that festive time of the year again!

Let’s not beat around the bush about it, a huge MERRY CHRISTMAS from us here at Active Backpacker.

I wish every single one of you all the best for the Christmas season, awesome presents and a cracking start to the New Year.

We’re currently resting in Ottawa with Trudy’s family after our week long trip to New York. We will be here until January and then we’re off to Vancouver, Seattle, Portland and then onwards to South East Asia (Myanmar, woo woo!).

It’s been great here, in fact – it’s been snow storming!

For Aussies like us, this certainly is an exciting new experience. We ventured out into the snow to snap a few piccies. I also couldn’t resist making a cliche Christmas Cinemagraph 😀

Christmas in Canada often means snow. Which means shovelling it, snow ploughing it, getting it off the driveway – in fact most Canadians find the whole thing a bit annoying. Not us though! No shovelling for us (we’re in an apartment building) just the excitement of sitting cosy inside whilst the snow drops softly past the window.

The temperature is ranging from -5 to -11 at the moment and it’s only supposed to get colder!

Anyway, we did venture out into the falling snow to explore the local lake (MUD LAKE – it has beavers!) and wander the paths gazing at the glistening untouched whiteness of winter.

Trudy’s Mum (Louise) and myself doing some weird kind of snow dance. I’m not actually sure what is happening here. I think it was snowing right in my face 😀

Look! It’s the wonderful entrance to Mud Lake!

The camera kept getting blurry bits on the lens because it was snowing, some shots came out weird but this one was sort of cool!

Trudy and Louise weathering the snow storm.

A look out across Mud Lake in this wintery season.

A little black squirrel in the snow, his home was a large trunked tree. I hope he goes okay as it starts to get colder!

The Snow Man and I (he has a cool hat and mine is a girlish beanie).

So what are you doing this Christmas? Are you spending it at the beach with sunny weather? Or snugged in with mounds of white snow resting outside? Drop a comment below and let me know what you’re up to!

Thanks again to Skyscanner who helped us little travel bloggers out with the flights from New York allowing us to spend Christmas with family in the snow!

4 Responses to “Snow Storms in Canada & A Very Merry Christmas To You!”

  1. soloflightEd says:

    beautiful snow. hope to experience one in the future. happy new year now! 🙂

  2. Stephen S. says:

    That is a ton of snow Tome. I actually really how the snow on the camera made the pictures turn out.

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