Lucky Number 13 (and our top 5 travel wishes for the upcoming year)

Happy New Year to all our wonderful readers! Thank you for joining us in 2012 and we hope that you continue to travel with us during what will be a very lucky 2013 I am sure!

Tom and I spent New Years Eve at my step-sister & her partners beautiful house in the forest in Quebec.

We drunk French wine, pear liquor and craft beer. We listened to a lot of French chatter and met some lovely new people. We played many games including a fast new favourite called Jungle Speed that we almost missed midnight thanks to. We made maple taffy candy by pouring melted maple syrup direct onto fresh snow and making our own lollipops.

I left red lipstick stains on Tom’s lips at midnight and we wished everyone Bonne Annee and cuddled their kitty who came out to play right on the strike of 12.

We have a wonderful year ahead of us which I am gently excited about. You know that happy little feeling of excitement that sits calmly in the pit of your belly that makes you smile everytime you think of it? That’s what I’ve got.

We thought we would each share our Top 5 Travel Wishes for 2013 & some of our favourite images from our New Years Eve.

Trudy’s Top 5 Travel Wishes for 2013

  • Get creatively inspired in Vancouver, Seattle & Portland
  • Do a yoga course in Thailand
  • Cycle through the temples in Bagan, Myanmar
  • See many islands in Thailand that I haven’t yet seen
  • Have a safe flight home to Australia in April to finally see all our friends and family!


Tom’s Top 5 Travel Wishes for 2013

  • Sip a lip-smacking smorgasbord of craft beers in Portland.
  • Start filming some short travel videos to compliment posts. This is something I slowly want to get into.
  • Explore what I’m sure is going to be a wonderful and vibrant country and a new favourite, that of Myanmar.
  • Finally finish my e-Book/Amazon Kindle book (if I haven’t already) – hopefully relaxing on peaceful Thai island somewhere.
  • Get home to Australia after almost 2 years and see some friends, family, sun, sand and beach and then start thinking about more backpacking adventures.


16 Responses to “Lucky Number 13 (and our top 5 travel wishes for the upcoming year)”

  1. What a winter wonderland!

  2. Louise says:

    Great choice of photos..and travel wishes..

  3. Stephen S. says:

    All good wishes. “Sip a lip-smacking smorgasbord of craft beers in Portland.” made me laugh! I’m sure you two will accomplish all of them with no problems!

    Video is something I am also going to be starting to toy with this year.

    Great post Turdy!

  4. Philippe Guertin says:

    Great blog ! Nice pics. Love the one with the cat. She was so sociable that night, very unlikely of her.

    May all your travel wishes come through in 2013 !

  5. Turner says:

    Great winter shots. Unfortunately Seattle only has rain:(

  6. John says:

    Great photos.
    There was about 50cm of snow in Quebec at that time. Here in Toronto it has probably snowed more so far than the whole winter last year.

  7. Agness says:

    I also want to do yoga course but in China, not in Thailand. Good luck with your plans guys!

  8. Marie-Eve says:

    Hi Trudy and Tom!

    I’m glad you enjoyed Quebec for the new year. Did you have the chance to stop by Montreal or Quebec City? We have some great winter festivals around this time…

    I also wanted to tell you how much I LOVE this blog! My sister and I are planning to backpack in Europe next summer and its been extremely helpful 🙂

    • Tom says:

      Hiya Marie-Eve! Thanks for the lovely comment, so cool to hear about your upcoming trip (so exciting!). We checked out Montreal for a few days (had our five year anniversary there) and saw some of countryside of Quebec province. So beautiful! Really want to get back to Canada in the summertime now 🙂

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