Travel Cinemagraph Series: Delirium & Laughter in Ghent

I’ve raved about Ghent in the past.

I still think it ranks up there as one of the best small cities in Europe! So if you’re in Belgium, don’t skip it! It’s photo-licious.

Now there is no way I would visit Ghent and not try and create some Cinemagraphs to help document our adventures.

The first Cinemagraph features “Delirium” – a highly prized beer in Belgium (has been voted best beer in the world in the past).


I love the imagery in the next one, and our Scottish friend Shona is always up for a laugh.


Next round of Cinemagraphs I would love to showcase something from Asia since we’ve just arrived. I plan to shoot a lot of footage in Myanmar (and Trudy will be snap-happy with the Canon camera too I’m sure) – hopefully some of it will be useable to create some more fun ones!

9 Responses to “Travel Cinemagraph Series: Delirium & Laughter in Ghent”

  1. kate says:

    Cinemagraphs are awesome! I love the first one because it is so subtle I didn’t even notice it at first. Going to check out the other ones you have on the site now!

  2. Wow–that’s cool. Didn’t know about cinemagraph photos. Amazing. I want to do that now! 🙂 That’s possible on a Canon?

    • Tom says:

      Hey Lisa! You can make these (I use photoshop) from anything that can record video. We have a Canon but it doesn’t record (it’s an older model) so these were made from footage via a Panasonic Lumix.

  3. Stephen S. says:

    I love Belgium but I’ve haven’t been to Ghent maybe I’ll make that a priority this summer. Can’t wait to see some more Cinemagraphs. Hope you guys are having fun tearing up SEA.

  4. Sonya says:

    Super cool, I just love your Travel Cinemagraph series! Thanks for the inspiration, I’m looking forward to trying these.

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