Fun In Ao Nang, Krabi: Sand, Sunsets & Monkeys

You might be thinking, where the diggety is Ao Nang?

Well, it’s right here…

Where Ao Nang is in Thailand

We thought it would be cool to do more of a “live” blog post, we’re currently here in Ao Nang and it’s the 4th of March, 2013.

I’m enjoying some air conditioning as we wanted to do some blogging through the hottest part of the day before hitting the beach again. I’m eating bits of dried mango and sitting in my underpants with an incredibly sunburnt back that is in the process of drying out and getting ready for a good peeling. Oh, too much information? Ah well, as a blogger (of no note) I find it’s best to be thorough.

Even though the Similan Islands (gorgeous snorkelling there) tore my back asunder (yes, I was wearing sunscreen) I’m still managing to have a good time in Ao Nang (with my shirt firmly on).

Activebackpacker in Ao Nang

Hiding from the sun in my straw hat procured in Myanmar for just over $1.

Jumping at Ao Nang in Krabi

Can’t help but jump for joy with a swimming pool like this one.

The back drop for swimming is stunning with the huge limestone cliffs towering in the background. The sunset over the water was the best I’ve seen for a while. Then this morning we ran into packs of monkeys at the end of the beach playing, hissing at each other, jumping on tourists and generally being little scallywagging scamps.

Long tail boats Thailand

We took the camera with us so we could share a few select moments with you all. I also wanted to try something new, by making some of the photos clickable into large HD versions to fill your screen.

When you see the text **Click Me** underneath the photo, click the photo and let me know if you likey.

Ao Nang beach Krabi

Spots of shade under the trees are easy enough to find.

monkeys in Thailand

Look out, the monkey!

Ao nang monkey

He’s just chillin’

monkey gang

Get him, boys!

Monkey in Thailand


Monkey desktop
**Click Me**

Euch, what’s that smell? Is that you, Curious George?

baby monkey

Om nom nom nom.

Monkey Thailand

Err, is this for eating or for sittin’?

soccer beach Thailand

The sun starts to set and some beach soccer is in action.

Ao nang Tom jump

The sunset did not disappoint.

Ao Nang Trudy jump

Is that Trudy or Mary Poppins?

Active Backpacker Sunset
**Click Me**

We’ll finish with this stunner.

Okay, we’re off to spend the afternoon at the beach. We hope you’re all having a fantastic monday too!

3 Responses to “Fun In Ao Nang, Krabi: Sand, Sunsets & Monkeys”

  1. kelly says:

    looks so amazing guys, I’m so glad i get updates via email 😉 amazing photos too!

  2. Ellen says:

    Awesome pics..!! You guys have lots of fun. Its really amazing.. I enjoyed it a lot 🙂

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