Vancouver – walking the Seawall and strolling through Stanley Park

I had been in Vancouver twice six years ago but both times had been fleeting visits, the first time a few hours between flights and the second time an overnight stay with an exuberant karaoke experience being my predominant memory.

Our visit in January was Tom’s first time there and as I hadn’t gotten to Stanley Park on my first flying visits it was high on our list of things to do. We were blessed with beautiful weather as everyone kept telling us. We had clear, blue skies for the 5 days we were there and that apparently is quite a feat in this rainy city.

great weather

We got lucky with the weather!

We started the morning with a visit to a travel doctor for some vaccination shots. She was a beautiful young, friendly doctor who gave us juice and biscuits; happily chatted about how much she loved Australia and gave us honest and very helpful advice about keeping healthy during our upcoming trip to South East Asia.

We left her office praising the friendliness of Canadians and wandered up Granville St to find the breakfast place our CouchSurfing host had recommended. Shortly after our bellies were full, and our day was off to a great start.

We wandered down Davis St until we hit the Seawall at the edge of Stanley Park. We meandered down the Seawall path, happily soaking up the sun. Our plan was to walk the wall and have a late lunch.

funny statues Vancouver

Some awesome grinning statues near the start of the walk.

That was great thinking until we found a map that told us the entire wall was 22kms long. Perhaps a little ambitious for a midday stroll. We spied a walk that led through the middle of the park and back into the heart of the city that was only 4Kms long. Sounded perfect to us.

Tatlow walk

Tatlow trail – perfect for a midday stroll.

Heading into the heart of Stanley Park was like walking into an enchanted forest. You may not believe it but I’m a bit of a romantic. I was picturing fairies and elves skittering under the leaves before we were 10 metres in.

sunlight in Vancouver

Fairies live here?

Trudy in Stanley Park

Unfortunately, all the magical creatures must have heard us coming and scampered away before we could spy them. We did meet some very happy puppies and some friendly joggers who were happy to catch their breath while we patted their dogs.

happy dog

Making doggie friends.

Walking the Seawall in its entirety will take about 3 hours, however there are an abundance of bike hire shops dotted around the edge of Stanley Park if you prefer to ride. Make sure you shop around as the prices vary quite a bit between them, and getting your helmet and lock included free will sweeten the deal.

Duck in Stanley Park

It was a tad chilly the day we walked through Stanley Park and this duck was looking a little perturbed that his home was frozen.

dog walker

Stanley Park is more than 10% larger than Central Park in New York City and has an abundance of beautiful walks.

light in Stanley Park

The light was just breathtaking as it filtered through the trees.

forest in the city

There is a diversity of plants and trees that even in Winter were green and lush. I would love to see this place in Spring!

frozen leaf

A frozen leaf discovered along my path.

walk the seawall

A Vancouver must do!

jumping in Stanley Park

We love Van City!

9 Responses to “Vancouver – walking the Seawall and strolling through Stanley Park”

  1. Louise says:

    I have only walked the seawall..(not all of it)…but next time plan to do the Tatlow looks gorgeous…I loved your photos again..the doggy looked happy.

  2. Sanjay says:

    Fantastic post! Really love the photos from around Vancouver!

  3. Glad you had fun in Vancouver! We love it here!

  4. Jason says:

    I’m glad you had a good time in Vancouver! Come back in the summer next time for sure.

    • Trudy says:

      Hi Jason! Thanks, yeh we would love to come back in Summer. Canada has so much beautiful lakes and things to do outdoors!

  5. Alouise says:

    Fantastic photos. I always love visiting Vancouver, such a great city. Glad you enjoyed your time there.

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