5 Excellent Hikes In Western Canada

This guest post was brought to you in partnership with Carly on behalf of Car Hire Market. Canada has, without a doubt, some of the most gorgeous hiking trails in the world! Enjoy!

Wherever you choose to visit in Canada, you’re never far from the wilderness, nor the opportunity to explore the great outdoors. Any trip through Canada is enhanced by taking to the road to absorb as much of the country – and its spectacular scenery – as possible.

Hiking Trail in Canada

A Gorgeous Hiking Trail in Canada – Image Credit

Although Canadians strive to preserve their country’s natural beauty, the roads here are well kept and usually easy to drive, although of course take extra care in cold weather! Car hire is easily arranged even in Canada’s smaller towns, so you can stay eco-friendly and save money by renting only when you need to drive, and hiking, biking or using public transport the rest of the time. Canadians are very hospitable, too, with plenty of cool accommodation ranging from palatial hotels in the fashionable ski resorts, to cosy lodges tucked away in the forests, and beautiful campsites along the trails.

With the practicalities sorted, it’s time to find your perfect place to hike – and you’re spoilt for choice in Canada! Although Western Canada does offer a particularly wide diversity of landscapes and sights to see. Here’s a guide to the best hikes the country has to offer.

Alberta and the Rocky Mountains

In a province that’s often dominated by the Rocky Mountains, many of the trails that offer some of the best hiking and scenery in the world are located in Alberta. Start in Banff National Park and you’ll find your car invaluable, giving you time to take in as many routes as possible.

Moraine Lake Sunrise Banff
Moraine Lake Sunrise at Banff National Park – Image Credit

Lake Louise is an obvious choice for hiking around, since it’s one of Canada’s most iconic natural sights.

Lake Louise Banff National Park
Lake Louise at Banff National Park – Image Credit

The most famous hike here is the Plain of Six hike, which is open to hikers of all abilities. Spend a full day exploring your surroundings, with mountains, glaciers, forests and their wild inhabitants all accompanying you on your journey. Whilst in Banff, also check out the trails at the Stanley Glacier and journey south to walk the famous hike from Sunshine Village to the glorious Mount Assinboine.

The trails at Wilcox Ridge and Parker Ridge take you from Banff into Jasper National Park. These two hikes are located close to each other and are a great way to spend a few hours exploring the fine glacier views. Once in Jasper, make sure you set aside a few days to enjoy the Skyline Trail, which will take you on a 26km hike along one of the finest mountain routes in the country. Throughout your time hiking through the Rockies, keep your eyes peeled for eagles, bears and moose, amongst many of the iconic animals of Canada that live in the mountains.

Brown Bear Canada

Canadian Brown Bear – Image Credit

British Columbia

Sitting on Canada’s Western Coastline, British Columbia brings the best of Alberta’s mountain trails and adds the lure of the Pacific coast. The Kinney Lake Trail in Mount Robson Provincial Park is arguably one of the most stunning hikes in the province. It provides spectacular views of the imposing Mount Robson and takes you over 23km through the park and past glaciers and lakes. The park is extremely well set up for hiking and there are many campsites available if you want to explore the whole trail, which is great for beginners and expert hikers.

Vancouver Island offers up the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail to explore the Pacific coast whilst drinking in the skyline of the Olympic Mountain. Take your pick of doing a day hike or taking a few days to completely explore the trail, which stretches over 47km in total, using the bays and beaches as your stops along the way.

Vancouver Island
Vancouver Island – Image Credit


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