The Friendly Faces of Myanmar People: Happy Photos

The friendly and warm country of Myanmar, still largly untouched by tourism (although this is going through a rapid change) was a wonderful experience for us, and the people were a big reason for that. You may have read our posts already on ancient Bagan or colourful Yangon.

We were there in February of this year, and spent about three weeks traipsing throughout this wonderful country. If there is one thing that stood out most, it’s the huge happy grins we received and the laughter so often heard as we backpacked this unique country.

The Myanmar people are are incredibly friendly and welcoming, especially considering the multiple hardships they’ve been through with their tumultous government.

Group of Myanmar Young Adults Photo

This is at Inle Lake, we were stopped by a group of young adults who wanted to take photo after photo with us. It was quite weird – but a very cool experience!

Man in Myanmar (Burma) grins at camera.

These guys asked us to take a photo of them, and then put on funny faces haha. This is in Yangon.

Myanmar Kids In Village Taungoo

This was taken in a small town known as Taungoo. These are the kids of a family where I went to learn how he makes sitting chairs from bamboo.

Happy Family in Myanmar (Burma)

This happy family laughs in the streets of Yangon.

Friendly Taxi Drivers Myanmar

Friendly taxi drivers gave us a smile in Yangon.

Neck Ringed Women At Inle Lake

A women with a golden neck ring was relaxing around Inle Lake.

Buddhist Man Myanmar

We brought some prayer beads from this man from a temple in Bagan.

Myanmar Boys on Bridge in Taungoo

These boys were having a great time playing around a bridge in Taungoo.

Nuns in Myanmar (Burma)

Pink robed nuns sit comfortable within the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon.

Burma Girl Gives Peace Sign

This friendly little girl gives us the peace sign. The kids here always seemed so happy.

Man rolling wheel in Myanmar.

This guy was having the time of his life rolling a wheel down the road in Mandalay, we thought it was great and he thought it was great that WE thought it was great.

Myanmar Man Selling Books

Selling books and magazines around dusty Bagan.

Gold Leaf Hammer Man Burma

A young man who spends his time hammering the “gold leaf” found in abundance throughout Myanmar shows off his muscles.

Myanmar Man Walks Bull

This farmer around Inle Lake area throws us a sly smile as he strolls past with his bull.

Now let’s finish with one of my favourite pictures from Myanmar – this little baby was found digging for gold around the markets of Mandalay! He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw how white I was, and got so excited he removed his finger from his nose and pointed it at me in deight. He’s one cool little fella.

Myanmar Baby Picks Nose

11 Responses to “The Friendly Faces of Myanmar People: Happy Photos”

  1. Peter Lee says:

    Myanmar is very interesting and peaceful place. Everyone should visit this place and this is a good option for budget traveler. The main thing that I liked about this country is the nature of people. They always welcome you with a cute smile.
    Really this place is love-able.

  2. Sherry says:

    A country is reflective upon its people and what happy people these are. You captured them well. Surely put a smile on my face.

  3. Stephen S. says:

    Tom! Great photos mate. This look like an amazing country that I can’t wait to visit!

  4. It was neat feeling famous in Myanmar. People came up to me asking to and get their photograph taken with me and I saw others ‘stealthily’ taking photos of me.

  5. You can see their smile, they are friendly. Great post. Keep good working.

  6. Adam Ross says:

    Hi Tom, great post! Its really a heart-warming feeling when you’re on a foreign place and seeing these very friendly people around you greeting you with smiles. It just somehow makes you feel like you’re on a different kind of HOME. I really love to travel to Asia. My favorite are in Thailand, Philippines, Singapore. I’ve never been to Myanmar but definely going for it next time.

  7. Kyi says:

    Nice photos, Tom. I miss my home now after seeing them. Hope you had a great time there.

  8. Dana says:

    I’ve been hearing some seriously good things about Myanmar lately. It’s beginning to creep up my list of places to travel, and these great photos certainly help! It is just so nice to see happy smiling faces!

  9. Mathew Duong says:

    Amazing photos. Love to see all. Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. I am from Myanmar. Really miss my country.

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