Travel From Your Doorstep: 4 Reasons To Use Regional Airports

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When was the last time you travelled from your regional airport? Chances are not so long ago.
While most travellers would probably have to think twice about where their nearest regional airports was even located, these days a rising number are opting for their local hub over the likes of Heathrow and Manchester.

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The Civil Aviation Authority has conducted research which indicates a two-year rise in the millions of travellers choosing a smaller local airport over their nearest major hub.


Long gone are the days when local airports were used solely for cargo or the occasional intercity flight. Nowadays, facilities like East Midlands Airport serve short-haul destinations all over Europe while some even attract airlines which operate long-haul services to the Middle East and the Americas.

Smaller facilities are also convenient for intercity flights within the UK where the flight could take less time than the journey to a big hub alone.


Often, even after loads of planning and excitement about a holiday, on the day itself we often wonder why we’re putting ourselves through it all. If the holiday involves a long journey to the nearest major airport, this adds to the strain of going away.

With so many local airports bringing in carriers which serve a range of domestic and international destinations, it cuts out the long trip to the airport. In addition to saving time, this saves money too as petrol costs or train fares are reduced.

Less hassle

If you think about the atmosphere at your regional airport, chances are it feels different to the major facilities which have flights landing and taking off literally at every minute. Smaller airports have a less stressful feel because there are fewer people travelling through them.

It isn’t just the atmosphere that matters; this lower passenger count number adds up to shorter and faster-moving queues at security and less clashing around in shopping and restaurant areas. You might even be able to find a seat at the coffee bar.


Industry experts say that the public can expect to see continued growth at regional airports; increasing travel flexibility be it for business or pleasure. The government is encouraging investment and expansion for two key reasons; development means both the creation of jobs and a rise in travellers coming into the country with their cash.

Note from Tom: You should definitely investigate your local or regional airport! Living in Brisbane we get cheap flights to Asia using the Gold Coast airport, and when we were based in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) the airport there had some great deals for flying around Europe (saving us from going to Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport).

4 Responses to “Travel From Your Doorstep: 4 Reasons To Use Regional Airports”

  1. It’s just high time to make use of your local airports! After all,they were built to accommodate the people’s needs.

  2. Great post Tom. Here in Kenya people have become wise and start using local airports because they have realised that they can get good deals there.

  3. Awesome post Tom! Nice tips and it’s really good if you are traveling form your doorstep. As I always follow it and enjoy a lot 🙂

  4. Nice blog mate! Regional airports are worth their money! Also just followed you on Twitter. Looking forward to connect!

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