Best Android & iPhone Weather App

With the best Android and iPhone weather app out there, Weather Bug, you can make sure you’re never caught off guard by the weather again. You can easily find out what to expect in your day once you download this app to your smartphone. It just takes a few minutes to get the app and then you can immediately check the weather in your area, or anywhere in the world, if you wanted. The instant alerts also make it an extremely useful tool to have while traveling in case of sudden, severe weather emergencies.

Choose the Weather App That Lets You Know More


When it comes to choosing the best weather app to use, you need to take into consideration everything the app has to offer. You need a lightweight app that won’t slow your device down or take a ton of space. Yet, it should to be packed with easy to use, accurate features and information. WeatherBug is by far the best weather app available across both Android and iOS platforms.

You can use the app to keep ahead of the weather for sporting events and social engagements. Is one of your kids playing in tonight’s big game and you need to know if the weather is going to hold out? No problem, simply check your WeatherBug app and get accurate hourly forecasts. No more guessing if you need to grab an umbrella, towel or an extra change of clothes.

You can use the app to look at live radar images and get a closer look at the weather yourself. You can also use the wind report updates to help decide if you need your windbreaker with you or not. Gusting winds can make you feel a lot cooler than the actual air temperature, so you can always be prepared. Don’t get caught off guard again, and download WeatherBug today.

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