London’s Top Street Markets

There is much more to London than just world class attractions and historical landmarks. This bustling metropolis is home to the finest in shopping, culture arts and entertainment as well! London is a veritable shopper’s paradise and if you are a full blooded shopaholic then London is the place to head to.

If you plan a visit to London then a great spot to stay in the city is central London. There are a number of fine boutique hotels near Gloucester road, which offer luxury accommodation at a reasonable price.

And if you want to save on accommodation costs, the Park Grand Kensington special offers are ideal to opt for. You get to stay in comfort and luxury with premium facilities at a discounted rate. And you are close to some of the best shopping options in the city. For those who want to explore alternate shopping options other than high street departmental stores and boutiques, the flourishing street markets are just the place to visit. And London certainly has a plethora of them to choose from which include…


Borough Market

Located on Borough High Street Borough Market is out of the biggest and oldest markets in London. It is a covered market that lies beneath the railway station. It features stunning Victorian style architecture and is a great place to shop from Thursdays to Saturdays. Its famers market on Saturdays is a big draw with visitors and is just the place to find the best of organic produce. This includes confectionary, seasonal fruits, jams and a myriad of fresh cheese and breads etc.


Portobello Market

Situated on Portobello Road it opens on Saturdays from 8am-5pm. Here you can shop for a wide array of items and goods which include designer and second hand clothes, jewellery, antiques tec. There is plenty of food stuff sold at stalls as well, which include cheese, bread, fresh vegetables and fruit. It is very popular both with locals as well visitors to the city. If you want to shop at it’s more exclusive boutiques head to Portobello arcade.

Leadenhall Market

You will find Leadenhall Market on Whittington Avenue and it opens for business from Mondays to Fridays from 7am – 4pm. The market is actually a renovated and restored Victorian food market that offers a superb selection of meat, game, poultry, seafood and cheese. And once you are done shopping there are some fine pubs in the area that serve a fine choice of beers and terrific lunches. While there the Lamb Tavern within the market is great place to grab a beer and spend time watching people go about their business.


Camden Market

If you are in the Camden area a visit to Camden Market is a must. It is open on all the days of the week from 10am-6pm. Initially the market started as a cluster of craft stalls by Regent’s Canal that gradually evolved into the thriving market as we see it today. You will find a melange of people both young and old who visit this popular market. The area has certainly come a long way as it was once considered to be out of the more dubious parts of town. Now it has been transformed into a bustling market famous of arts, crafts, second hand clothing and jewellery. You will find a variety of food stalls that sell exotic delicacies like Thai noodles, crepes and falafel among a variety of tempting dishes. To buy handmade one-offs or antiques you will need to look within the market hall. And for an assortment of bric-a-brac or cheap clothes visit the Stables Market that is located beneath the railway arches.

Billingsgate Fish Market

It is the largest and most well known fish market in the city of London. It opens for business from Tuesdays to Saturdays. If you want the best of seafood from across the world then Billingsgate Fish Market is the place to shop. From Canadian lobsters to jellied eels, Norwegian salmon to salted cod you will find every conceivable type of sea food here.
Columbia Road Flower Market: You will the market of Columbia Road and it opens on Sundays from 8am – 2pm. There is a stunning collection of plants, flowers, pots and even stalls serving some great buns and bagels. It is a very loud market with stall owners hollering to attract customers, so do not expect it to be a sedate shopping experience. A visit to Columbia Flower Market is indeed a very colourful and aromatic experience. To get the best offers on flowers head to the market at the end of the day.

Spitalfields Market

Spitalfields Market could be described as a curious assortment of a traditional market, boutiques and traders along with immigrant communities and much more. You will find everything under the sun from gourmet food to flowers, fashion to home ware. The architecture is a mix of modern and Victorian and it’s impressive Bishops Square has a stunning glass canopy.
Smithfield Market: If you are a passionate meat lover then a visit to Smithfield Market is a must. It opens from Mon to Fri from 4am – 10am. It is the biggest wholesale meat market of London. You will find the best in game, offal and meat to choose from. If you feel like a bite, drop in at any of the cafes or pubs where you can enjoy a fine English breakfast. To wash down your breakfast you could order a pint of stout or beer that is served in the area.

Bayswater Road Market

Located on the south side of Bayswater Road, Bayswater Road Market is a great place to shop for art, hand crafted jewellery and sculptures. It is an outdoor market where you will find an array of artists displaying their creations, which include sketches, oil paintings and watercolours etc. along the pavement.

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