Sferic Maps: Collaborative, Web-Based, Real-Time Weather Data Platform

Backed by 20 years of experience, Earth Networks has established itself as the world’s leading weather expert for your organization and business. The network includes 12,000 hyper-local weather stations, more than 1,200 in-cloud and cloud-to-ground global lightning detectors, and the first collection of environmental alert systems related to weather condition, greenhouse gases, and lightning.


Now the company brings you the first and only collaborative web-based weather dashboard. Called Sferic Maps, this intelligent interface perfectly delivers real-time weather data and acts as a lightning strike detector and mapping system. In addition, the interface offers real time information, monitoring, alerts, and visualization to keep you informed about the latest up-to-the-minute weather conditions. In addition to keeping you up to date, Sferic Maps enables you to:

– Make smart decisions about the weather
– Collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders during inclement weather events
– Keep your employees, patrons, assets, and properties safe and secure

Peel Back the Many Layers of Weather-Related Data

Earth Networks’ intelligent application has many layers of real time weather data, including temperature alerts, and radar. The Total Lightning network – complete with more than 1,200 lightning sensors worldwide – plus Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts, real time lightning data, National Weather Service Alerts, and many more comprise the network.

You can also broadcast custom drawings and live weather maps from anywhere, at any time, right on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Keep colleagues at different locations or in the field informed and safe with a weather-related platform that everyone can quickly and easily reference.

Earth Networks’ Sferic Maps also allows you to import new objects or third-party data without writing any code. Simply drop in a file, and the interface is instantly updated.

With Earth Networks, your organization or business can stay ahead of the game. Try out the Sferic Maps today so that you can know about tomorrow’s weather.

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