Honeymooning in Ubud

Neither of us thought we would have our honeymoon in Bali. We both wanted to visit Indonesia, but Bali can attract groups of other Australians of the type that we don’t normally hang with.

We found a hotel in the jungles of Bali near Ubud that looked irresistible, like the perfect honeymoon location. It was a gift (thanks father-in-law!), and it was much appreciated.

We flew in and quickly jumped into the hotel mini van to weave our way out of busy, smoky Denpasar and up into the green rolling rice fields of the Bali jungles. Ubud is a temple city nestled in the trees. It’s certainly “not off the beaten track” or some sort of “secret”, but it exudes a charm that’s hard to shake – it defies its Denpasar and Semanyak counterparts. If you’re Australian, don’t go to Bali for the beaches (come on, we’ve got brilliant ones on our home soil), go for the jungle.

And Ubud delivers. Oh, how it delivers.

Our hotel was called Hanging Gardens and a good 20-25 minutes out of Ubud and into the winding valleys of the island. It was gob-smackingly beautiful. It’s easily the fanciest and most gorgeous place we have ever stayed (we are backpackers after all – but hey now, if you can’t treat yourself on your own honeymoon, when can you?).

The infinity pool there is famous (and for damn good reason) check out a few of our snaps… bliss:



We had our own villa (and yes, it had its own mini infinity pool). The villa was all smooth polished teak and soft white linen, we could lie in bed and look out at the lush green valley below through large glass windows.


The restaurant at Hanging Gardens was known for its food, so much so that people would travel from other areas of Bali just for dinner there. We were in a weird spot, the accommodation had been gifted to us but in reality we were still on a backpacker’s budget. Lucky for us, breakfast came with the package, and I can’t deny the view from the restaurant terrace was phenomenal.


What a way to start the day. We would then roll into Ubud for a late lunch. Great food, restaurants and cafes are scattered all amongst Ubud. The little town has a thriving expat community compromising of travellers that it seems, showed up in Ubud one day, and then just couldn’t bring themselves to leave. You’ll always find that traveller that’ll tell you it was better in the —> insert “70’s”, “80’s”, or “90s” here <--, but there's no good wishing you could go back in time. There’s plenty to love happening right now all across Bali.


What are you waiting for? Check out a Webjet Bali package and discover your own slice of paradise. Or Webjet Bali can fly you in, and you can go on the hunt for your own villa, apartment, or cheap room. There’s a tonne of gems tucked away amongst Bali.

My advice, head straight up to Ubud and zip straight through Denpasar.


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