Five Reasons To Visit New York & Free Things To Do

New York, New York! The Big Apple. A famous quip goes – “if you’re bored in New York, it’s your own fault!” – truer words have never been spoken. The city that never sleeps has endless art, history, entertainment, food – whatever you want is available. I recall our time there, it was beautiful. We were there during the Christmas period and it was wonderful! Cozy bars and cafes, cool winds outside with people walking past in deep coats and warm beanies. Ice skating rinks and busy Christmas shopping, laughter, happiness, spilling across the streets.

Here’s a brief taste of what’s on offer – all things that won’t considerably lighten your wallet but will enlighten your soul.

Natural History Museum

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A gorgeous building containing a myriad of things a curious mind can fill itself to brimming with; dinosaur bones to preserved animals, to stones and gems from earth’s treasury. A New York must see. It’s broken down into four zones, Blue (From dinosaurs to mammals, explore the amazing diversity of life on Earth), Green (all about the evolution of the earth), Red (the forces that shape our planet), and Orange (see scientists at work and relax in the wildlife garden).

Central Park

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Tourists and local New Yorker’s love this place alike. You’ll find locals running through the park’s rolling greenery and past gawking tourists taking in the view. It is a huge park, this cannot be understated. You are able to rent a bike or simply walk and soak it in. There are some incredible views to be found.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Simply a must for any art lover who finds themselves in New York. Unmissable. Mesmerising. An amazing collection of pieces. Visiting here is like visiting your own personal palace filled with ubiquitous treasures. If you’re afraid your wallet won’t stretch to cover the fee… remember, you’re not obligated to pay. Art should be for all.

Top of the Rock Observation Deck

Top of the Rock Observation Deck is a new 3 tier deck built for observation located on the 67th, 69th and 70th floors of 30 Rockefeller Plaza. It offers unprecedented and glorious views of New York. Go for sunset if you can! It offers a panoramic 360-degree of New York from 850 feet high! Opening hours are 8.00AM – Midnight. The last elevator will go up at 11.00PM.

Grand Central Terminal

Photo Credit: samuel.ioannidis

This is one of the most incredible public spaces to exist in New York city. This historic train terminal is famous well beyond just New York. It has a rich and full history of engineering brilliance and was opened up to the public all the way back in 1913. Grand Central is easily on of the busiest train stations in the world, and carries 750,000 visitors daily through its doors. The Grand Central clock with a face of Opal is valued at a cool $20 million, go and take in the acoustics at the Whispering Gallery located in front of the Oyster Bar.

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3 Responses to “Five Reasons To Visit New York & Free Things To Do”

  1. We were just walking around and had a great time. Didn’t manage to find Broadway thanks to day time and no neon signs, but walking over bridges and figuring out the city on the grass-root level was nice. It was actually surprisingly walkable for such a big city and drivers more polite than in my other metropolises we have visited. Luckily our friend let us leave our big backpacks to her office.

  2. Traveling is always a good thing in life, it fill your souls.

  3. Philip says:

    I should visit the natural history museum one day. Been to New York for a weeks workshop and it was an amazing place.

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