5 Reasons To Visit Fascinating India

India is a country of such great age and wisdom, that history only just manages to do it justice. It plays home to a variety of flora, fauna, and climates. From the food to the wildlife, to the spiritual and the sights – let’s go through some of the best reasons you should consider visiting India.

Hospitality The Indian Way

India have a saying: ‘The guest is equivalent to God’. This is taken from an ancient Hindu scripture and it plays true in India today. Consider staying a home-stay which can often be very preferable to a hotel. At a homestay you’ll receive home cooked food, local knowledge and each homestay will have it’s own distinctive charm.

Mouth-Watering Food

If there’s one sole reason to visit India, it can simply be the food. You’ll find some of the most delicious and appetising food in the world, and just like India itself – what’s on offer is gloriously diverse and unique depending on where you are.

Northern India relishes its creamy curries that are thick and spicy – think Rogan Josh and Tandoori Chicken, being influenced by ancient Persian styles. Southern India prefers its use of coconut and seafood – and the food is much spicier when compared to the North. Try the masala dosas or the fish coconut curry. If you are vegetarian, you will be well catered in India! Hindus are vegetarian and make a large portion of the Indian population.

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Incredible Wildlife

Start with the facts: 400 different species of mammals, 1250 birds, 460 reptiles, 2550 fish and 240 amphibians. This makes India the highest species count of any country – but when you think of India you think of the classics: Elephants, monkeys, antelopes, rhinos and tigers. India is home to numerous forest wildlife reserves, which can be explored on the back of an elephant with the birds chattering and lazy butterflies floating by. Try the Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand or the Bandipur National Park in Karnataka.

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Touch-base With Your Spiritual Side

If you’re after a spiritual adventure, then India should be top of your lost. Delve into deep meditation or yoga retreats and seek guidance from the some of the wisest spiritual men in the world. Consider visiting some of the ancient spiritual cities; like Varanasi, one of the seven sacred Hindu cities. It’s a city with a thriving culture and riverside ghats (steps leading into the Gangas), as well as 23,000 temples nestled amongst it bosom. The city is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and the Hindus believe that death in this holy city will lead to their salvation. It is the goal of many to visit Varanasi once in their lifetimes.

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Walking The Himalayas

The Himalayas is an area that is 10x the size the entire country of France – yes, you read that right. How can one do this immense, wild, incredible place justice? Hindu scriptures tell us it’s bordering on impossible, and that in “a hundred ages of the gods” you could not do justice to the Himalayas. Everest might get all the glory, but this is a vast space that encompasses so much more. There’s a range of different options now to hike the Himalayas, from a network of the barest lodgings for those on a budget to those with a little more luxury. March until June are generally considered the peak trekking season. Remember to respect the environment, be courteous and protect your gear! Leave some leeway in your itinerary for the unexpected.

India is a melting pot of diverse and wonderful cultures and religion, sport and food, spirituality and acceptance. There are many great hotels to stay whilst visiting India, like the radisson goa. You’ll never have enough time to “see” all of India in one trip. So slow down and enjoy the vibrant and chaotic swirling of life and colour that is India.

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