Reasons Why You Need To Travel the World in Your Youth

It is regrettable that most of the young people put off traveling until they are a little older because they are busy with other pursuits in life which they are convinced are more important during their youth. These usually include pursuing a college education, financial freedom, getting established in the career, and getting married amongst others.

But if you were to ask the old people you meet when traveling now, they will tell you that they regret not having traveled when they were young, and this should be a great concern to you if you have been putting off your traveling plans, yet you are still young.

As you grow older, it becomes more difficult to venture out and travel. You may lose the relevance in it and you will also be tied up with a plethora of responsibilities and sometimes getting the extra money to globe trot may not be easy. If you are still in your youthful days, therefore, here are some of the reasons why you need to consider traveling-:

Life is short but the world is wide

This sounds scary, but no one knows just how many days they still have and as usual, there are a thousand ways to die. This alone should give you the motivation you need to go to renew my passport services and start traveling the world. Your days on earth are numbered, and if you keep on putting off traveling, you don’t realize that each passing day moves you closer to your grave. Therefore, take advantage of your youth and travel as much as you can. You may not be around tomorrow to visit the places you desire visiting.

It is an exciting way to learn more about the world

Whether or not you love history or geography, traveling the world while you are still young will make you know more about the world and appreciate the strides we have made in civilization. For example, visiting the Great Wall of China or even Machu Pichu in Peru will take you back to hundreds of years in the past, and open your eyes to some things you have never even thought or imagined of.

You will have a reason to be thankful

When you travel when you are young, you will experience a great disparity in world cultures. You will have a chance to be in countries that are doing much better than where you are from and you will also travel to countries whose bulk of the population is languishing in poverty. When you visit the countryside of India and see people living in abject poverty or you roam the streets of Nairobi and you are greeted with street kids begging for food, you will have a different perspective in life and you will learn how to be thankful for whatever you might have since there are millions around the world who desire just a fraction of what you have, but they can’t get it.

It increases your sense of independence

Traveling while young will infuse in you some sense of independence and this is very important for the rest of your adult life. When you take a plane ticket to visit Brazil, it will not be the same experience as going with your parents to Disneyland. You will be free to make your decisions and decide on life’s choices as you desire. While you do so, you will also learn to live with the consequences of your inactions or poor life’s choices. These, in turn, turns you into a better adult.

It is not as expensive as you may think

The most common reason young people give for not traveling is that it is expensive. This is not entirely true and there is nowhere written that you must always go to renew my passport services before you can travel. You don’t need a lot of money to be a local tourist, yet there are a plethora of great attractions in your country you have never thought of going. It is important for every young person to think that for you to travel, then you must get a plane ticket and fly out of the country.

It is when you are in great shape

You may never have the chance to enjoy the kind of shape and health you have in your youth. This is the stage in life when you are most daring and most adventurous. You have the strength and the energy to explore, discover and enjoy. You are not afraid to take certain risks for fun. But all these will disappear when you become older. Your health will not be as good as it is right now and you may not have the energy to do what you would have done during your youthful years. Besides, there are certain things you can do only when you are young, so, stop limiting yourself. Get up, get out and travel.

Enjoy the natural breathtaking wonders of the world

It is when you are young when you are more enthusiastic about life and you will be eager to see and experience some of the breathtaking wonders of the world. This is the period when you are just learning about most of them in school and the prospects of actually visiting and seeing them are usually very strong. But as you grow old, the passion dies, the enthusiasm also goes through the window, and all you care about is how to take care of your family and plan for your retirement. You won’t have the urge to see the Pyramids of Giza, the Pantheon, and the Mayan Ruins or even go for safaris in Africa.

You are fine with cheap accommodation

When you travel while still young, you won’t mind cheap accommodation. This is for the convenience and the versatility of such options, and besides, not all young people have the money to afford expensive accommodation when they travel. But as you grow old, your tolerance for cheap accommodation will diminish quickly, and it implies that you will always spend more money for expensive or decent accommodation. Therefore, take advantage of your youth to explore these and other benefits of globetrotting while you are still in your youthful days.

5 Responses to “Reasons Why You Need To Travel the World in Your Youth”

  1. Alyson says:

    Rather patronising to anyone over 25 don’t you think? As a 50 year old woman who can still run 10Km and was up Everest last year. All this stuff about not having “energy” when you’re ” old” is nonsense. My husband ran a marathoon yesterday. He’s only 40, but I guess you’d think that was ” old” too. Not many kids are fit enought to do what we old-folks do and most kids out on the traveller circuit are there just to get drunk and have sex with other backpackers ( if you’re after sweeping generalisations) And as you grow old your tollerance for cheap accommodation will deminish? Who told you that? Total nonsense. You are more enthusiastic about life???? You seriously wrote that.

    • Tom says:

      I agree. This was a guest post and I apologise it was not reviewed properly before going live. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Happy travels!

  2. Emma says:

    Some problems with your article… Mostly ageist, patronising nonsense and discriminatory bigoted crap!

    1) I’m in my 40s, we travel permanently with our three kids. Please don’t refer to me as old. It’s incredibly rude. I might be older but I am not old.
    2) We stay in hostels and my tolerance for cheap accommodation does not diminish. We book the cheapest travel all the time.
    3) I just hiked a volcano, snorkelled the Belizean barrier reef, climbed Guatemalan temples and swam with whale sharks in Mexico, whilst backpacking with my three kids. Pretty sure I haven’t lost enthusiasm for life.
    4) I’m fitter now than when I was a teenager. I work out whilst living on the road and walk on average 50km a week! I also practise yoga and regularly run.
    5) Pray tell what certain things can you only do when young? I can do far more things now than I could when I was younger.
    6) It’s easier for me to travel now than it was twenty years ago. I have more money, fewer responsibilities, more confidence and knowledge.I know I won’t offend cultures with my lack of education the way younger people do frequently. Was it an older person who put their feet on a Thai drivers’ headrest? Was it an older person who graffitied Aboriginal art? Was it an older person who wrote a review about how boring Anne Frank’s house and diary were? Was it an older person taking selfies at Auschwitz and upsetting war victims?
    7) I’ve never been to Disneyland. I’ve never taken my kids to Disneyland and nor would I ever!
    8) My health is FAR better than most people’s in their twenties because I don’t eat crap. No processed food and only a plant based diet means I have loads of energy.
    9) At the age of 40, I don’t care about retirement, in fact we probably won’t retire. My kids are growing up and as soon as they flee the nest we shall continue with adventurous projects such as our plan to hike Kilimanjaro, canoe the Nile and explore Africa.
    10) I just met a 65 year old traveller who took a year out to travel South America and India. She travels every few months to really interesting places most young people have never heard of; Bosnia and the Ukraine were two recent trips.

    This article is rude and based on unformed, bigoted views. It shouldn’t have been published.

    • Tom says:

      Hello. This was a guest post. I apologise I did not read it more thoroughly before posting, that’s on me. Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts and feedback.

  3. theRands says:

    This is hilarious. Thanks for making us laugh, guys!

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