Sri Lanka: What you Should Contemplate and be Prepared For

Sri Lanka is a great place to be, full of exciting scenery and intriguing culture. Whether it’s a one-off trip for adventure or striking up a permanent residency, there’s a great deal of good to experience in this part of the world. Touring around is a great way to experience everything a place has to offer, getting to grips with the location yourself instead of just viewing a place through a screen.

Of course, like many places, it can be dangerous too. If you venture out there ill-prepared, your misfortune could range anywhere between a not so fun time to a bevy of fatal accidents. Consequently, it’s important to head out equipped and ready to tackle any scenario that might come your way in Sri Lanka. Here’s what you should be wary of.

Chaotic Weather

There’s no way to gussy it up; you need to be prepared for weather extremes. Sri Lanka is particularly prone to tropical cyclones and monsoon rains, depending on seasonal shifts. If you’re not particularly well versed in avoiding or enduring such conditions, then it’s vital that you read up and educate yourself on what to do in all such scenarios.

In this instance, you need to take a little more than an umbrella. First aid kits wouldn’t go amiss, as the storms and floods can be violent and hectic. It’s also important to read up on the climate, and make your own kits compiled of Natural Disaster advice from an official authority, ensuring that all the information you’ve gathered is carried out by qualified personnel on matters of life and death.


Of course, bugs and other wildlife can be riddled with disease. A bite from any of them could infect you instantly, so it’s important that you seek out the appropriate treatment instantly. Of course, you should also be taking multiple precautions before you ever get the chance to be bit, so it’s important to consider those too. If you know what to do, you’ll be safe.

Stock up on all the relevant repellents to ward off the bugs, especially for blood sucking mosquitos. After all, they can transport dangerous diseases such as Dengue Fever, which most commonly occurs during daytime bites. Moreover, take any vaccinations well in advance for Hepatitis B, Rabies and Yellow Fever and stay updated on treatment methods and conditions. Don’t wonder into any isolated or remote spaces where you can’t get help, as even kits have limited uses.


Firstly, it’s important that you don’t let the prospect of terrorism spoil your trip, or such evil people win. It’s incredibly unfortunate to say, but terrorism occurs in the best places in the world, carried out by warped and demented minds. It doesn’t occur in ‘bad’ places. Don’t let it put you of visiting Sri Lanka, as terrorsim can occur in the UK, France and the US too.

Nevertheless, you should be keenly vigilant, especially if you’re near any kind of military area for any reason. The government is embroiled with the Tamil Tigers, a terrorist unit operating in Sri Lanka, so its important you’re aware of such matters before visiting. Always make sure that your formal identification is in your possession at all times so, that if you’re detained by an authority for any reason, you can comply with any identification process they throw at you.

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