Travel Video of the Week #003 – Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream at the Camden Markets in London

Here is the first video that I’ve filmed myself for Travel Video of the Week. It’s filmed on my iPhone, so don’t expect too much in terms of quality!

It’s a short and fun clip from a recent trip to London and is filmed in the depths of the Camden Markets.

There is a shop there called Chin Chin Brew Bar – and as well as doing amazing hot chocolates they also make ice cream that is frozen with liquid nitrogen!

The video is a quick peek at the billowing and smokey process and a friendly chat to the owner as he makes our tasty treats.


You can check out Chin Chin’s website, and follow them on Twitter @ChinChinLabs

If you’re in Camden, I highly recommend them – it was seriously awesome ice cream!

The delectable frozen ice cream made with Liquid Nitrogen!

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