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Adventures In Split, Croatia: What To Do & See

On a trip to Croatia last year we travelled up from Dubrovnik, and island hopped on a boat all the way to Split. It was an excellent adventure and something we enjoyed a lot, Trudy got a decent tan and I managed to get burnt a fair bit – that’s always the way it goes (damn ye olde English skin). One of the cities we liked a lot during our trip was Split in Croatia. The city felt real, compared to say,...

Picture Perfect Dubrovnik in Croatia: Photo Essay

The ancient and historical city of Dubrovnik is nestled right on the coast on the rocky coves of Croatia. It has a rich and fascinating history and is indeed, picture perfect. With its roots as a roman colony, Dubrovnik has been an important port throughout the historical years. They were the home of merchant ships called “Argosy” which later became the poetic word for wealthy merchant vessels. They were such...

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