Picture Perfect Dubrovnik in Croatia: Photo Essay

The ancient and historical city of Dubrovnik is nestled right on the coast on the rocky coves of Croatia. It has a rich and fascinating history and is indeed, picture perfect.

With its roots as a roman colony, Dubrovnik has been an important port throughout the historical years. They were the home of merchant ships called “Argosy” which later became the poetic word for wealthy merchant vessels. They were such good Maritime traders that many of their ships sailed all the way across to England and even held colonies as far as India.

I’m going to take you on a quick photo adventure through the city of Dubrovnik…

Derrr, I’m in Dubrovnik…

Alrighty, let’s get a walking.

The beauty of pot plants, they’re everywhere in the world (as they should be).

Tourists gabble around in one of the main squares within the mighty Dubrovnik walls.

Stairs? Anyone?

Outside the city walls…the water in Croatia is so clear, blue and beautiful! I remember there’s a bar down the stairs just below me. Perfect spot for a drink!

Delicious looking grapes at the Dubrovnik markets.

Oh…hello kitty! Good spot for a nap.

Ships, ships, ships. Who doesn’t love them?

Hanging off a big anchor down near the port.

Once you walk through Dubrovnik, you come to the port, full of modern yachts and sailing ships alike – it’s a port with a treasured and long history.

We actually stayed just outside of the “old” city of Dubrovnik, a quick bus trip away. This was our swimming hole and we were up there on the mountain!

We actually happened to be there during the casting of extras for the Game of Thrones Season 2. We weren’t going to be there for those dates though, pity, could have been an extra on the epic HBO show and high5’ed all The Lannisters.

It’s a fun city to explore but be warned, tourist groups abound in the historical centre and you won’t exactly get the feeling you’re experiencing the real Croatia, but more like an open air museum version of it. Still, it’s definitely worth a visit but I would stop by for a day or two to bear witness to the beauty and then head on to some of the islands and Split.

5 Responses to “Picture Perfect Dubrovnik in Croatia: Photo Essay”

  1. Louise says:

    Thanks for another fun post Tommy…

  2. Andy says:

    Nice pictures Tom. Dubrovnik is a really beautiful city. That cat was seriously posing for the picture. Try getting that one twice.

  3. Aussie Dan says:

    Dubrovnik is beautiful as is Split. The beauty of Croatia however lies in its hidden treasures. Google these places. Sibenik, Krka falls, Island Murter and Kornati archipelago, Rovinj, Mali Losinj, Varazdin, Rastoke (village on waterfalls), Island Vis and Stiniva cove. And these are not hidden but anyone who misses Hvar island or Patience lakes will regret it. Croatia has so many things to see . In my opinion the best Riviera in Europe

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