Welcome to Active Backpacker. We are Trudy & Tom, an Aussie couple who love to travel.

To keep this page interesting, we decided to write each other’s “about” section.

Trudy says,

So, Tommy-Tom-Tom. Tom is one of those people who is always smiling, he’s always laughing and is one of the happiest people I know. Travel is something that Tom has always loved. As a teenager he worked at a grocery store getting up in the wee hours of the morning to save money for his first big backpacking trip. As an 18 year old he set off with his best mate and travelled through Europe and South East Asia for 10 months.

Since then travel has always been on his mind and while we got waylaid for a few years in Brisbane (holding ‘reputable’ jobs & getting a mortgage) we have spent the last couple of years on the road together and it has been one of the best things we’ve ever done.

Tom loves adventure, sports, ships and meeting new people. He will be the one in the Hostel common room organising a night out, inviting the lone traveller eating by themselves to join us for some tapas down the road or picking up the guitar to make up some silly sing-along songs.

Travelling together and living in Europe has been one of the best things we’ve done in our 5 years together. He is the best travel partner I could ever ask for and I’m lucky that we share this passion. We will be travelling the world together for the rest of our lives – that’s the plan anyway!


Tom says,

Trudy is the creative soul of the blog. She loves taking photos, creating digital travel art, and is always helping me with my grammar.

We met working in a bank (*yawn* – the bank that is, not Trudy :D) but quit our jobs to live in Europe and backpack the world.

As a backpacker, Trudy relishes talking to and meeting new people, locals and fellow backpackers alike. Young kids and children always want to meet her, and she enjoys trying new things and searching to snap that “perfect” photo.

Food is always a big part of our adventures, and who doesn’t love trying local delicacies?

Here’s a quick list of things that I happen to know Trudy likes (after 5 years of dating, you would hope I can come up with a few!);

  • Bicycles with colour and a basket on the front
  • Flowers of all kinds
  • Hand-made journals overflowing with drawings, snippets & photos
  • Love birds (she even has a tattoo of one)
  • Animals of all shapes and sizes

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