An Afternoon In Delft, An Evening In Amsterdam

Recently we decided to get the train to the charming and quaint little city of Delft. Via the train it’s about fifteen minutes from where we are living in Rotterdam – being an Australian it’s crazy to think that a mere fifteen minutes away is a COMPLETELY different city with its own personality and vibe.

Delft was great to see with its traditional Dutch canals and atmosphere, it was more then worth the 15 minute trip. You may have heard of Delft, it’s especially famous for a couple of reasons. The Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer (of The Girl with the Pearl Earring fame) lived and painted his whole life here, and Delft also produces the well known Dutch pottery known as “Delftware”.

Luckily we brought the camera along, so you get to see our visit to Delft through the eyes of our camera lens. We had a lot of fun!


An Afternoon In Delft

Bikes In Delft

Bikes at the Delft train station.

Delft Train Station

Touching off as we leave the Delft station.

Tom Hugs Heart

We found a heart graffiti, and I couldn't help giving it a hug.

Trudy Cups Heart

Trudy and the heart.

Stolen Bike In Delft

It looks like someone forgot to lock their bike properly.

Outside Delft Church

The outside of the church in Delft.

Delft Church Inside

Inside the church of Delft.

Delft Town Square

The Delft Town Square.

Cheese Store in Delft

I think I tasted every piece of cheese in the whole store.

Original Delftware Shop

An original Delftware shop.

Tom Winning At Football

We found a cardboard cut out that I could put my face in. Perfect!

The Old Delft Gate

Doing a handstand in front of the old Delft gate.

Zoolander At Old Delt Gate

Dropping a sexy Zoolander pose.

Delft Balloon Graffiti

We found more cool Delft graffiti - happy balloon!

Delft Balloon Graffiti

Ahhh, I'm getting ballooned.

Standing In Delft

Great perspective and photo from Trudy.

Bicycle Flower Holder

We found a great pub (cafe), it had a bicycle flower pot outside.

Belgium Beers In A Dutch Brown Cafe

Inside the Bierhuis de Klomp, a beautiful Dutch pub in Delft. Two of my favourite Belgium beers!


An Evening In Amsterdam

The great thing about The Netherlands is it’s just so EASY to pop off to Amsterdam for an evening if the mood strikes you. From Rotterdam it’s about an hour and ten minutes on the train and you can do it even quicker if you catch a high speed train called the ‘Fyra’ which takes under an hour to complete the trip.

I’ve already talked a lot about Amsterdam and some of the things you can get up to there, so I won’t get into that to much here.

We were sitting in the lovely pub in Delft and we spontaneously thought, ‘Why don’t we just carry onto Amsterdam instead of going home?’. I love that about Europe.

Trudy said she was talking to a colleague at work and he grew up in a city called Leiden (which is 20 minutes away from Amsterdam) – he didn’t go to Amsterdam until he was 18. To me that is just mind boggling – I mean going to Sydney, Melbourne or Perth from Brisbane in Australia can take hours on the plane. But to not visit your capital when it’s 20 minutes away on the train is just crazy!

I’ll let the photos tell the tale of our evening in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Canal Sunset

Bikes parked on a canal bridge as the sun sets.

Amsterdam And A Houseboat

I love this photo. It's the traditional buildings in Amsterdam with a bright blue houseboat bobbing in the canal.

Amsterdam Canal And Houseboat

Maybe this is what Amsterdam looked like years ago? Just ignore the cars 😉

A Pub In Amsterdam

We found a pub in Amsterdam near a canal and popped in for a bite to eat and a drink.

Amsterdam Canal Lit Up At Night

The canals and bridges lit up at night in Amsterdam are breathtaking.

Amsterdam Houseboats At Night

Another shot of Amsterdam at night, houseboats and all.

In The Pub In De Wildman

We finished the night at a pub called 'In De Wildman'.

If there is one thing to love about The Netherlands and Europe in general it’s that everything is so close. You can spend weekends in Paris or London with ease, and you can travel the country by train on the weekends.

Distance no longer gets in the way of spontaneous travel!

12 Responses to “An Afternoon In Delft, An Evening In Amsterdam”

  1. Agnieszka says:

    And that’s why I can’t wait to move back to Europe. We’re looking forward to discovering nice places in the Netherlands and beyond:)
    Great pictures.

  2. Caitlyn says:

    Beautiful photos! For some reason my night shots of Amsterdam didn’t turn out like that…hmmm

  3. Ryan McCoy says:

    Loved the graffiti pictures! And now I will be more careful when locking my bike!

  4. Hogga says:

    Blarg… I guess I’ll have to go to Europe now. But ONLY because you make it look so appealing. Thanks a lot lol

  5. Jarmo says:

    Amsterdam is absolutely gorgeous, I love the city. Just went there few weeks ago again, but never been to Delft yet, maybe next time 🙂

    • Tom says:

      Hi Jarmo 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! I agree Amsterdam is beautiful to visit – not sure how practical it would be to live there haha (we’re probably a little biased too because we’re Rotterdammers at the moment), but for visiting it’s superb!

  6. wouter k says:

    you should really visit the hague (den haag), very nice city as well, with the political centre, the ‘binnenhof’ (the dutch houses of parliament). also scheveningen is worth a visit. as a rotterdam local, love your blog!

    • Tom says:

      Thanks Wouter! 🙂 Yeah, strangely, we haven’t visited Den Haag yet.. quite bizarre considering it’s 20 minutes away 😀 We are DEFINITELY doing it before we leave The Netherlands. Happy you’re enjoying the blog, cheers!

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