Mundial Music Festival In Tilburg: A Photo Adventure

Since music festivals are on my mind here is a colourful photo adventure from a trip to the vibrant Mundial music festival!

If you haven’t heard of Mundial, I don’t blame you. In fact unless you’re dutch you probably haven’t heard of Tilburg either… but that’s what travel blogs are all about, right? Showing you places and events that you’ve never heard of before.

‘Mundial’ is a music festival in the Dutch city of Tilburg – it’s a 2 day June affair with optional camping and a various array of musical offerings. BAM! Way to sum it up without droning on for two hours. This is a PHOTO ADVENTURE after all!

We brought our tickets ages ago as an ‘early bird’ special so it only cost us around €40 for festival entry for the whole weekend. That’s a sweet deal compared to a lot of similar events, and turned out to be even better once we showed up and saw the effort that the festival directors had put into the whole setup.

I’ll be the first to admit the line-up included bands I didn’t know (but why should that stop anyone from having fun?) – except for ‘Pitbull’, but the fact that he was the feature act for what is a relatively indie festival was quite amusing to most of the attendees.

We had sun, rain, ponchos, tents, food, beer, colours, lights… and of course, music.

Welcome to Festival Mundial, yes please!

We walked around to scope the place out and check out some of the funky sideshow acts…

Is it food time yet?

Time to find a spot in the grass and relax (and give Trudy a kiss of course).

Okay, enough relaxing…are the good gigs about to start?

It’s the lead singer from Chef’s Special, they put on a smashing live show!

And now the little known live musical act from our favourite carpenter, Jesus and The Neanderthals…

Or maybe it’s the singer from The Crystal Fighters.

Now it’s raining, let’s electro-rock even harder (and take our shirts off, obviously).

Someone is not a happy camper in their poncho 😀

Trudy took a real winner with this photo. Plus, who doesn’t love rainbows?

These are our happy festival faces.

No-one is really following what this guy is doing, but I’m sure we can all agree it’s something awesomely serial-killery.


Around the traps…a band playing one of the smaller stages.

We prepare to watch the football with Oranje at the ready – I’m also obviously going for the “Travel Blogger Hair of the Year” award with my crisp bowl cut.

And we finished the night surrounded by cheering orange and football on the big screen. Holland lost to Portugal, but we won’t blame Mundial for that.

Hope you liked the photo adventure through Mundial Festival!

4 Responses to “Mundial Music Festival In Tilburg: A Photo Adventure”

  1. Hogga says:

    That guy with the fire car is my hero lol

  2. These are gorgeous shots! You have an eye for detail and colour composition 🙂

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