Rotterdam Skate Night: Wednesday Summers From The Balcony

The cool thing about living right in the city is that we can witness festivities and action right from our balcony. Of course sometimes we love to get involved, but at other times we are relaxing at home after a hard day’s work.

It was a warm summer’s night and we had an Australian friend visiting us for a few days’, “It’s Wednesday” we told her, “that means it’s Skate Night!”

Skate night means thousands of people zipping around the streets on roller skates, following cars towing speaker loaded trailers blaring house music, 90’s or techno – some even have gyrating girls in mini shorts and self obsessed DJ’s, just like a real party!

Our balcony was the perfect spot to watch the event, as the race started and finished by going past our street. It’s the absolute perfect location for people watching, and who doesn’t love people watching, right?

With a drink in hand we gazed at the myriads of people on skates and blades rolling past, following the musical trailers like a horde of jigging zombies.

Trudy took a few snaps to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

The hordes are massing and blading like it’s 1995.

One of the speaker loaded trailers gets ready for action.

Must. Skate. Because. It’s. Wednesday. Brains?

Hitching a ride…

Still coming…thousands of them streamed past.


The boy on the blue bike forgot his skates! Men on scooters look dazed, they won’t be getting past any time soon 😀

Only stylish people allowed behind this trailer.

This is obviously the perfect time to chat to the BFF on a mobile.

This guy had some serious moves.

Do I put my skates on now, or later? I’ve got them in my bag, promise!

The final skaters come gliding in, with the volunteers trailing behind with their authoritative red skating tape.

Skate night is just plain old fun. The day we lose simple fun will be a bitter day indeed… but that will never happen because people are awesome!

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  1. Nicholle Olores says:

    Yes, you are true there, if you live in the city you can really see a lot of things just like parades and other street events and its so nice to watch it from your balcony, such a great feeling.

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