Rotterdam From Our Bicycles: Trudy Made An Awesome Video!

Trudy recently put together this awesome video.

Throughout the year of our expat life rocking it up in “Roffa” (Rotterdam, baby!) we rode a lot of bicycles. Like, a lot. Well, for Aussies anyway. I think from Dutch standards we rode a normal amount of bicycles. Between the two of us I think we owned and rode five bicycles throughout our time in Rotterdam. Trudy even won one on TV.

So during all this time spent with bums on bicycle seats, Trudy had this great idea to capture pieces of our bicycling throughout the different seasons and with various friends.

It turned out really well…

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3 Responses to “Rotterdam From Our Bicycles: Trudy Made An Awesome Video!”

  1. Caitlyn says:

    Wow that looks great! Wish I could do something like that, but I’ve only just mastered taking my hands of the handlebars without crashing 😛

    I’m onto my third bike now, just breaking it in, it even has gears, what a luxury!

    (From a fellow Aussie living just near Rotterdam :))

  2. Morgan says:

    Now that’s the life! I wanted to reach through my screen and “ding” that bicycle bell. What a creative and artistic expression of a favorite pastime. Loved it! What did you use while filming? I could not have been easy!

  3. Suki F says:

    That is so cool! I would have never been able to handle a camera while riding. I would probably end up severely injured and with no video if I tried. 🙂

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