Why Choose India for Yoga Teacher Training?

India is endowed with world’s yoga capital, Rishikesh. It is the main reason that the country is the most apt place to opt for yoga teacher training India. Where this specific reason has a great influence, there are many other reasons too that would convince you to take a yoga program in India. And don’t forget that there are many factors that make the country a vivacious resort for yoga practice.



It is apparent that India is extremely affordable when talking about teacher training programs. There are exciting yoga programs and training sessions that infuse you with professional skills, heavenly yoga practices, and everything you need to know about this art. Even if you have enrolled yourself in a short or long yoga training program, you can easily afford it. Similarly, be it food, exploring the mesmeric sites of the yoga practice destinations or stayover; you would manage it with ease. Some programs would even fetch you delicious ayurvedic and natural food items that would fuel your days with energy and excitement. You can also learn the traits of preparing the delicious food while you are in the training program. Such an affordable yet rich program is hard to find in other corners of the world.

Strong Connections

Since a myriad of tourists and locals attend different exciting yoga retreats India, you are destined to meet a bunch of distinct and enthusiastic people. With understanding and learning pranayama, asanas, and meditation methods, you will end up in making several friends who would be fellow yogis. You can explore and experience about this art form in detail through other individuals during the course. It would be an added perks. You have no clue how helpful it can be to have friends from same interests. You can share and exchange your ideas and thoughts even once the program is over. It would be a sheer delight because even when you return to your hometowns; you would be able to stay connected to the pulses of the program and the rich natural yoga experience you had in the training program through the friends you made therein.

Marvellous Surroundings and Aura

During your yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, you would not just relish the rich yoga moves, asanas, meditation, and other tactics, but you would experience the splendours of nature too. Rishikesh is one of the most heavenly places for Hindus. It is the reason why saints and sages, who have mastery in the yogic arts, have always been visiting this city for thousands of years. Not just the divine vibes of this land, but the charming Ganges River, natural spirits, hypnotic landscapes, and plenty of temples make space a perfect resort for yoga endeavours. You get a pure and original feel of yoga when you learn amidst the professional yogis that too in a spiritual environment. And the icing on the cake is once you have clenched the certificate from this training program; you would be qualified to teach yoga in any area of the world.

So, you need to visit India for all your yoga expeditions. You can have a holistic experience in a single yoga training program in this country.

Author Bio: Devakar Sandhu likes to spread the awareness of yoga among people helping them to live healthy and without tension. He is also Founder of Ekam Yogashala, A Yoga Teacher Training School Based in Rishikesh. EKam Yogashala offers 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India (Rishikesh, Kerala, Nepal and Dharamsala).

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